Industrial & Commercial Floor Slabs

  • With over 5,000,000m² of CUPOLEX® concrete foundations installed worldwide CUPOLEX® is tried and tested.
  • The CUPOLEX®  foundation system can be specifically designed for industrial floors. Loads of more than 10kPa can be accommodated with concrete thicknesses ranging from 50mm to 120mm over the CUPOLEX® domes.
  • In industrial applications, the reinforcing cages, pad foundations and load bearing wall lines can be fixed into place first.
  • The CUPOLEX® can then be used between load bearing lines to act as hard fill and bring the slab up to the required elevation. The footings and the floor slab can be poured in one operation.
  • CUPOLEX® is cost effective and can be used in place of:
          • High Density Polystyrene commonly used as a light weight void former to gain height in concrete slabs.
          • Volclay used as a waterproofing solution.
          • Welded impermeable membranes for vapour mitigation.
          • Hard Fill.  Where you need to achieve height without weight CUPOLEX® is the logical solution.