Cupolex Products and Sustainability

Reduce Waste!
  • Using CUPOLEX®  for your concrete foundation can contribute to GREEN or LEED certification.
  • Made from 100% non-toxic recyclable material.
  • Reduces material (concrete and rebar) consumption.
  • Replaces aggregate and engineered fill under slabs.
  • Reduces construction time and labour.
  • Reduces heavy traffic to site.  CUPOLEX® components for a 200m² slab are delivered on two pallets.
  • No waste.  Plumbing penetrations are effected using a hole saw and the resulting disc can be recycled.
  • Tidy site.  CUPOLEX®  needs little site space and won't blow around like polystyrene pods.
  • No Residue. No environmental impact of residue ending up in waterways like other products. 
  • Reduces dampness.  The air cavity beneath the slab resists mould and mildew creating a healthier building environment.
  • Optimized reuse and recycling.
  • Selected as the “Green” flooring system for the “American Home” at the 2010 International Builders Show in Las Vegas.
  • CUPOLEX® satisfies the four requirements of the “US Environment Commissions”.
  • Minimum use of natural resources.