Other Cupolex Products Available On Order

This Cupolex product creates a ventilated floor on existing floors without affecting the structure of the building. The adoption of CUPOLEX® WINDI® allows you to save on waterproof sheathing and guarantees a constant seal against dampness. CUPOLEX® WINDI® may also be easily attached to walls to obtain an air space capable of ventilating and eliminating mould.

CUPOLEX® Rialto®

This product is an Aerated Structural Flooring system of up to 2500 in height which is made up of domes, tubes and a footing grid that can be rapidly assembled to create a sub floor formwork ready to pour.  The domes are 570mm square and are supported at their corners by PVC tubes of 125mm diameter.  The tubes fit into a footing grid designed to align the tubes with the domes.  The height can be variable up to a maximum of 2500mm. 

The advantages of a Rialto floor:

  • Made from 100% recycled plastic.
  • Extremely cost effective alternative to engineered fill or other alternatives.
  • Very high load bearing capacity.
  • Waterproof; protects against moisture or rising damp.
  • Able to vent harmful gases outside the slab.
  • Provides under slab cavity for running of services. 
  • Rialto can also be used for the creation of underground water retention or detention tanks.