Vapour Intrusion

  • Certain geographical regions may suffer from vapour intrusion into building structures by gases including Radon and Methane.
  • The Cupolex system allows passive ventilation of these gases from the under slab air space.
  • Traditional methods of ventilation, also known as sub slab depressurization (SSD), tend to be quite expensive and inefficient, requiring active ventilation using fans to extract any gases through layers of sand and gravel called venting layers.
  • Radon Gas is not recognized as a significant health hazard in Australasia however methane gas deposits are quite prevalent.
  • Venting CUPOLEX® gives you the opportunity to ventilate the air cavity beneath your slab to the exterior in order to mitigate Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Radon Gas and Humidity or moisture. This is particularly applicable in areas built on former dump sites with high levels of methane and also areas high in thermal activity.