The Unique Cupolex Dome System

CUPOLEX® provides an under slab void and results in minimal concrete contact with the soil. The unique advantage over any other Waffle Pod or Polystyrene Pod Concrete slab foundation system is the integrated void under the concrete slab/foundation. There are numerous aspects of CUPOLEX® which make it unique:
  • Solution to rising damp, soils with high saline content and Acid Sulphate Soils. Since the void forming components are water-tight polypropylene, they provide an excellent barrier to moisture, vapour and salt. The under slab void is designed to be vented to dissipate moisture and humidity, noxious gases and prevent salt ingress.
  • Solution to getting out of the ground to finished floor height. Where your site has excessive top soil or you need to achieve a certain height, CUPOLEX® achieves that height without having to use excessive hard fill.  Available in sizes from 95mm to 700mm, CUPOLEX® is an extremely cost effective method of getting out of the ground.
  • Solution to achieving height without loading the land. Sites located on flood plains or sites with poor bearing capacity often require a higher floor level but without increased weight.  CUPOLEX® achieves this cost effectively compared to other void formers such as expanded polysytrene blocks.  For example a 40ft shipping container can hold enough CUPOLEX® to build a 1,800m² foundation.  If you compare  the freight component for the same volume of polysytrene, CUPOLEX® is clearly the optimal solution.
  • Sustainability. CUPOLEX® is made from 100% recycled poly propylene sourced locally. Not only this, CUPOLEX®  is also recyclable with almost zero waste on site.  What waste there is can be put into a domestic recycling bin. CUPOLEX®  designed concrete foundations typically use less concrete, steel and labour to install.