Cupolex Dome System History

  • The name CUPOLEX® comes from the Italian word Cupola meaning dome.
  • There is over 5 million square metres of CUPOLEX® which have been laid in concrete slabs and foundations throughout Europe the Americas and Australasia.
  • With CUPOLEX®, designers, builders and developers can provide sustainable cost effective concrete slab foundations for new buildings and homes, while reducing concrete usage, build time and minimizing engineered fill requirements.
  • Pontarolo Engineering the inventors of the Cupolex Product have been marketing Cupolex worldwide since 1990.
  • It was originally designed to ventilate Radon Gas from new buildings for the US Air Force in Italy.  Radon Gas is prevalent in areas of Europe and the USA.
  • Cupolex since its inception has been used in a number of applications such as historic building renovations, water retention, detention and moisture mitigation, as a cost effective and efficient replacement for engineered fill.
  • It is extensively used in Industrial and Commercial applications as well as Residential.
  • If you would like any information or assistance with using Cupolex in  your next design please Contact Us and we will be only to happy to assist.