Benefits of the Cupolex Dome System

  • A Cupolex foundation will typically use less concrete than a polystyrene equivalent.
  • Cupolex saves you up to 20% on steel requirements with equivalent strength.
  • Saves money on freight.  Cupolex for a 200m² house is delivered on two pallets compared to a truck and trailer load of polystyrene.
  • Made in NZ and Australia from locally sourced 100% recycled plastic. 
  • Cost effective alternative to hard fill. One pallet of Cupolex can replace 27.5m³ of compacted fill.
  • Optimised designs available for Christchurch which comply with DBH recommendations.Can be designed specifically for low bearing pressure sites.  Down to 50kPa.
  • Minimizes construction traffic damage associated with delivering and compacting hardfill.
  • R-values from R1.88 - R2.57